About Us

ETC is a 40-week long, residential, faith based program for men who are ready to make radical and dramatic changes to their lives. We refer to ourselves as a regeneration ministry because we recognize that it’s not just a minor adjustment to our old life that must be made but a brand new life, which needs to be built. We believe God is able to create that life and nurture it to maturity. ETC is led by ordained Christian ministers and staffed primarily by ex-addicts who have found freedom in Christ.

Our Programs


Evans Training Center was named in honor of Brother Mickey Evans, the founder of Dunklin Memorial Church, a 70 bed residential facility in Okeechobee, FL.


Upon arrival at ETC, participants can expect to be welcomed and loved by staff and other program men. A “Big-Brother” will help him get acquainted with the rules and show him the ropes.


Because of the focused and intense nature of our program we work hard to limit distractions.

Our Success Rate

A survey of ETC graduates conducted between 2018 and 2022 revealed that 88% of ETC graduates are abstinent from chemicals, have a stable living environment and stable, living-wage employment.

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